Five Allergy Prevention Tips for Allergy Season

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? The allergy specialists at Premium Healthcare can help you determine your best treatment plan.

Nobody wants to experience allergic reactions. They happen when your body overreacts to something that would normally be harmless, like dust or pollen. From minor symptoms (such as sneezing and watery eyes) to severe ones (such as difficulty breathing and throat swelling), it’s critical to take precautions if you have allergies in order to avoid an allergic reaction. 

Here are five tips for preventing allergy symptoms:

Put on a Dust Mask When Near Pollen

Wear a dust mask with a pollen filter when outside on days when there is a high pollen count if you have an allergy to pollen, grass, or something similar. Also be sure to avoid flowerbeds and grassy areas where pollen can collect.

Take a Shower after Spending Time Outdoors

After spending time outdoors, leave your shoes in one spot when you get home, then take a shower to get rid of any pollen that may have gotten on your skin and hair. Also ensure that you wash your clothes as soon as possible.

Keep Windows Shut

In the house and the car, keep the windows and doors closed. Your exposure to allergens will be lessened as a result, decreasing symptoms. To stay symptom-free inside your home, use an air purifier.

Regularly Clean Your Home

Cleaning frequently throughout the year, not just during allergy season, helps prevent the accumulation of allergens in your home. Pollen and dust frequently breed on your curtains, bedding, pillowcases, towels, and clothes. You can make your home allergy-proof by vacuuming frequently and doing more laundry, as well as replacing carpet floors with hardwood floors.

Consult an Allergist

Your best option is to visit a Miami allergist who can create a proper treatment plan, which will probably include preventative medications and avoidance techniques to prevent your allergies from hampering your daily activities.

At Premium Healthcare, our Miami allergists provide innovative and highly effective solutions for all types of allergies. To learn more about how to control your allergies and improve your quality of life, please visit our book appointment page or call us now at (305) 265-4441.