New Year's Resolutions - One Month Later…

"New Year New You"

So we ushered in a new year on January 1st with weight loss and fitness taking the lead in our resolution list. Studies have shown in the United States approximately 95% of new year’s resolutions are fitness related. This seems like a high percentage of people who want to change their nutrition or lifestyle, but how many of us do?

Let’s dive into the most popular new year’s resolution to learn some important information and find a solution that may work.

How Many People are Overweight? 

In the United States, 41.9 percent of adults are overweight in the obese category. That is almost half of the entire country. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows further statistics on the effects of obesity in each race. 

  • Black adults had the highest level of adult obesity at 49.9 percent.
  • Hispanic adults had an obesity rate of 45.6 percent.
  • White adults had an obesity rate of 41.4 percent.
  • Asian adults had an obesity rate of 16.1 percent.


These values would provide a clear explanation as to why so many of us choose weight loss or fitness-related resolutions for the new year.

One Month Later

We are well into February now, and 10% of people kept their “new year new me” resolution one month later. And only 3% made the lifestyle change. For example, if 100 people began a fitness-related resolution in January, by February only 10 people are still committed, and by the end of February only 3 people made the lifestyle change.

That means of the original 100, 97 people are most likely going to have the same resolution next year. This would explain further why there are so many people overweight.

Dangers of Being Overweight

The main driving factor used as motivation to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle has always been aesthetics. Creating those summer bodies is the main focus for most.

Reality paints a much different picture as the driving focus for someone to achieve change. There are many illnesses and diseases you are at risk for while being overweight or obese. Take a look at a few below.

• High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• Heart Attack
• Certain Cancers
• Sleep Apnea

The dangers of being overweight or obese can be managed and resolved by doing one thing, losing weight. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds.

12 Week Weight Loss Program

The nutritionists, health coaches, and Primary care providers at Premium Healthcare have developed a life-changing solution you can start any time, at any age, to achieve great results. The motto for this weight loss program is to focus on a lifestyle change because if you focus on change you will see results. 

We have divided the programs into 4 different categories depending on the commitment you are able and willing to make. 

In short, there is no quick-fix solution, it takes work and dedication to gain anything worth having.

Whether you have dropped your weight loss resolution, it’s in the back of your mind, or you are still going strong, Premium Healthcare can guide you to maintain a healthy lifestyle free of illness and disease. 

 At Premium Healthcare, our goal is to provide innovative and highly effective solutions for all types of illness] To learn more about how to lose weight and improve your quality of life, please schedule an appointment or call us now at (305) 265-4441.