When you hear the words ‘cholecystogram’ and ‘oral cholecystography’, what might be among your first thoughts? Chances are you’re thinking of not just a long-worded medical procedure, but rather, pain and worry that either yourself or a family member may require such a procedure to diagnose a gallbladder condition, right? At Premium Healthcare, we understand the fear and uneasiness caused by medical tests, and how a little extra support can go a long way to make it all a little easier.

We’re here to educate you about what cholecystography is, how it’s conducted, and the health conditions it can diagnose. Clearing up your confusion can provide a sense of relief, because knowledge is powerful!

What is Cholecystography?

Cholecystography is a type of imaging test that can identify abnormalities of the gallbladder. It works by using a special type of oral agent that is a contrast material, or an émulsine. Through its imaging process (oral cholecystography), this agent can create clear and detailed images of your gallbladder to help diagnose issues such as gallstones, an inflamed gallbladder, and other gallbladder conditions.

How Does Cholecystography Work?

Medical experts believe that the procedure begins with the patient drinking a solution containing the émulsine countless, followed by a set of X-rays (taken at intervals) to identify any changes in the structure of the gallbladder. Essentially the contrast material becomes attached to any other material within one’s gallbladder, such as bile or debris, and the technician is able to see it in the X-ray.

Who Should Get Cholecystography

Individuals who experience recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort may be recommended a cholecystography to determine a diagnosis. Additionally, individuals with any of the following symptoms should consider this imaging test: digestive disturbances such as gas or constipation, unexplained weight loss, jaundice, or nausea and vomiting—just to name a few.

It’s also essential to note that cholecystography should be an option considered if previous tests using ultrasounds have not provided a definite answer.

At Premium Healthcare, we strive to meet your healthcare needs is a seriously safe and experienced way. That’s why we look forward to being a partner in your healthcare journey while conducting a cholecystogram. Schedule your appointment today with Premium Healthcare and let’s work together to achieve optimal health.